Hell Gate House Haunted House

Hell Gate House, Brand new for Halloween 2013

One of of lowest prim Haunted houses for the detail you will find in Second Life

This wonderful Haunted house uses a lot of custom mesh i made myself and some great mesh built by others!

Two versions included one a skybox version!

For its size and detail it is very low prim comming in at 204 prims for the skybox version (not inc the trees) largest tree is 14 prims all the other trees are 4 prims or less!

The house has two secret rooms, and attic area in total 11 rooms

Fantastic custom textures with baked shadows on many

will just fit on a 4096 meter parcel

The white tail dear trophy in the hallway is included (its part of the house and in the rezz box)
as are all the framed paintings on the walls and fitted lights, drapes and included in the 204 prims)

extras inc with the house are:-

Mesh carved pumpkin
two types of mesh chandelier a low prim and a higher prim type
Egyptian urn with plant (mesh)
two Halloween spooky sounds skulls that play scary sounds
mesh Candelarbra (mesh)
rustic table with candels (mesh)
Window with lightning effects (part mesh)
The old persian rug trap
Mesh grave stone set
various trees

all copy mod (scripts no mod

prim count is for the skybox version and does not include the extras though most of those are low prim too

Great for Halloween

Market place link

See it in world


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