The Parlour Piano sets


The Parlour Piano set shiny

The Parlour Piano set

Promo Price of 450L$  for limited time

Two versions at the moment but i have a Halloween version in the pipe line!

The Parlour Piano Set

This Piano has to be seen in world and tried out,it would look fantastic in any home and very low prim!

I spent a lot of time tweaking the textures to get them just right even the rug has baked shadows, with attention to detail for this version!

(Special Halloween version coming out soon too!)

100% mesh with custom textures with baked shadows!

5 tunes built in:-

Moonlight Sontana (Beethoven)
Halloween Moonlight Sontana :- a remixed version with Halloween sound effects too
My Piano has its own Life
Chopins Inferno (funeral Mach)
Charakter Ballet class

Double piano stool for two people (with easy to use menu system for the animation)

copy mod (scripts etc no mod)

Low lag scripting

13 prims as shown in the photo

set includes the Piano on a rug (7 prims)
piano stool (4 prims)
Egyptian urn with plant (1 prim each)

See them on the Market Place

Normal version

Shiny Version

In world Link


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