Gothic Living Room Set

gothic living room set

The House of Avro


A fantastic Gothic living room set at a much lower price than buying the individual items about half price!

all copy mod (scripts no mod)

Custom textures

Stone griffin sculpture mesh 3 prims
Blood washed Leather Sofa mesh 3 prims
Avernus Candelabra v11cc Red candles 22 prims sculpted
Classical Victorian Planter with Fern mesh 2 prims
Rustic Coffee Table mesh 3 prims
Dark Grungy rug v1 1 prim
Carved gothic castle fireplace Mesh 10 prims
Fireplace tools Iron mesh 5 prims

also inc is a lower prim Candelabra at 5 prims (not shown)

as shown in the photo the prim count is 51 prims
but if you use the low prim Candelabra that will reduce the prim count a lot!

See it in world at the largest Gothic and castle furniture store in SL

Market Place Link


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